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All About Play! LLC was created by April D. Duncan (Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist) in an effort to provide quality play therapy for children, teens and adults (Yes adults too!). Our mission is simple: "Play. Heal. Grow." This is achieved through individual and family play therapy for people of all ages, who can use games, art, sand and even music, to help overcome their issues. Our office is centrally located in Clayton, MO and includes a full play therapy room.

                          April D. Duncan, MSW, LCSW, RPT

As founder of All About Play! LLC, my passion is working with children who are struggling behaviorally at home and at school. I began this company after spending four years working at a local therapeutic preschool and seeing the high number of children being suspended and/or expelled from preschools due to their behavior. As a result, I decided to spend more time helping young children and their families. However, my expertise is not limited to children, as I've successfully used play therapy with children, teens, even adults. My clinical experience includes:

  • Individual therapist for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking- The Covering House

  • Facilitator for anger management with juvenile offenders through the Family Court of St. Louis County

  • Former therapist and current Director of the Therapeutic Preschool at Family Resource Center

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